This is the list of our admins who have been recognized for their exemplary contributions to RulesGuru. If you'd like to join our admin team yourself, see here.


Guillaume Vanel

Guillaume is a judge from France who's found RulesGuru to be a way to merge his passions for Magic and for programming. What really stands out about his questions is his clear and precise wording along with his masterfully-crafted regular expressions to match specific rules text. He's also been designing an exciting new feature that should be going live soon. He's a valued member of the project and I look forward to continuing to work with him.


Ryan Sears

Ryan is a level 2 judge from Michigan and a moderator for the Rules Day Tuesday project, which helps teach MTG rules and policy to over 300 people. He's only been on the RulesGuru team for 3 months, but has already been a huge asset in that time. From suggesting new features for making the question approval process better, to offering to help manage the RulesGuru Twitter account, to going back through old questions and updating their tags, he appears to leave no area untouched when he sees something that could be improved.

Tobias Vyseri

Tobi is a level 2 judge from British Columbia and was the first person to join the RulesGuru project. She's been steadfastly contributing for almost 2 years now, and in total has approved more than 300 questions. (Over a third of the entire database.) She's also a graphic designer by trade, and has contributed many of the icons and style choices that are currently in use on RulesGuru. She even designed some custom Judge Bunnies to be given out along with the judge promos for these recognitions.

Zendikar Rising

Kyle Ryc

Kyle is a level 2 judge from Ontario who has been extremely enthusiastic about RulesGuru. Last year at an event, before he was formally a part of the project, he accosted me with inquiries about how best to format a question. He's provided numerous suggestions to improve the website, and was even the inspiration for this very recognition system!

Andrew Villarrubia

Andrew is a level 2 judge from Louisiana who maintains Venser's Journal. An incredible standalone resource that also provides RulesGuru with programmatically accessible rules, letting us display those wonderful rules citation tooltips. Andrew has also been active in the rules question IRC channel and has been a point of contact for people with questions or feedback about RulesGuru.

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